Ninja Forest

Our HIDA region has been known as a forest country since ancient times and has been a supply center of timber for the capital. We build aerial rope courses in a ceder forest since 2009. As of summer 2016, there are 27 workshop for adults, comprising ziplines and suspension bridges. We have also a small kids only area "Chi-hero" available for 100 - 120cm tall.


safety equipment


suspension bridge


log bridge


aerial climbing wall


shower zipline


inclined zigzag bridge


we can enjoy snowboard four seasons


nepal bridge at 14 meters high


 Ninjiana Jones - fly into a cargo net

Open during  May to early November

Departure From our office at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30 and at 14:30

Access to the venue The forest is located at 5 minutes drive away. Please use your own car. The last 400 m is a dirt road.

Duration about 2 hours

Minimum participants 2 people for each departure

Maximum participants 20 people. If a group arrives with a large size bus, it will not pass through a narrow forest road. We use trucks instead as shuttle. Mid size coach can pass through the dirt road.

Restrictions Participants should be minimum 130cm tall, and the maximum weight 110kg.

In case of rain Possible in case of moderate rain. We will contact clients beforehand if bad weather is expected.

Kids can do? Need to be taller than 130 cm. Kids under 13 years old should be accompanied by adults.

My kid is under 130cm From August 2016, we have a new small kids only area "Chi-Hero", suitable for 100 - 130cm. Small kids can enjoy this area on the condition that they area accompanied by a parent.

Clothing Please show up with sport wear including basket shoes. No sandals.

Booking Please book 2 days in advance. Walk-in possible if there are spaces on the spot.

Price Adult 3,500 yen, and 3,000 yen for under 19 years old. Cash only.

I don't have a car For 4 participants, free pick up at the Hidahagiwara station can be arranged.  Otherwise, our overnight package provides transport + activity + overnight stay. Please refer to the Overnight package page.





Small kids only area  "Chi-hero" 

For a family with small kids, we installed obstacle courses at 1 to 2 meters high, so that the whole family can enjoy. As of July 2016 we have 8 obstacles.


Race car!


Mini Ninja steps


Log and rope bridge


Floating corridor


 Panoramic view of the kids area

Equipment Same as on the adult course, safety equipment (helmet / harness / belay ropes) are used. Participating children should wear sport shoes.

Duration 30 minutes to 1 hour

Assistance Assistance by an adult is required. Our guide is on the ground and can help if necessary.

Price 2,000 Yen per person

Minimum participants Possible from 1 child, on the condition that the same adult group is doing the adult course. As mentioned above, participating children should be accompanied by an adult who is giving assistance from the ground.