Fishing classes

Mountain streams in our Hida region have been known for fishing, thanks to abundance of green forest providing steady supply of water through "the green dam effect". Our Maze-river is among the purest waters in our region.

We propose fishing courses in order to appreciate our nature and fishing culture.

Ayu fishing experience

■period End of June 2019 (Ayu fishing opening) throughout August, 9:00 to 15:00
Free transfer to the Hida hagiwara station on the JR Takayama line.
Cancellation is possible in case of high water.
■booking closes 7 days before 
■price 25,000 yen if single, 22,000 yen per person for 2 participants. The guide takes up to 2 participants.
Price includes fishing lisence, equipment rental, live bait Ayu, lunch, and transfer.
■After fishing You may either bring back your Ayu fish catch back home, or savor them charcoal on the spot with salt-grill BBQ over charcoal fire. 
■Upon booking Please inform participant's fishing history / body height and shoe size.


Ayu fish. They live only in East Asia including Japan. This fish feeds on algae on underwater rocks. As Ayu lives only one year it needs to eat a lot in order to mature quickly. This develops its territorial behavior, and it tries to push away any intruder from its own territory. The traditional Tomozuri (fake friend fishing) utilizes a live bait, a cultured Ayu fish in order to provoke this behavior.

Experts use long fishing rods, which can exceed 10 meters. They are long in order to reach Ayu's territory without being detected.


tomozuri.jpg The moment of catch. The fake friend (live bait) has hooks attached to its anal fin, where the wild Ayu gets hooked when attacking. The wild Ayu becomes the live bait for the next round. Local residents used to make money by selling Ayu caught in this manner.


Special - Tenkara fishing , canyonnering and onsen

Tenkara is a traditional Japanese fly fishing method with fixed length line, enabling moving quickly in Japan's narrow streams with many obstacles. This is a special package on a request basis for fishing lovers. We explore into the headwater sections, out of reach for the average fishermen to look for native trout in the purest waters. After the outing, onsen hotspring will warm up our bodies.

Period weekdays between June - mid September. It is a one day outing with departure early in the morning, necessitating accommodation the previous night within the city.  

Price To be advised. The party will be 2 guides and minimum 2 guests who will share the cost. It will be around 30,000 - 35,000 yen per person.