Our office is situated next to the Road Stop Station 道の駅 at Gero-city Maze.

1450 Mazenishimura Gero-city Gifu-prefecture
ZIP 509-2615 Japan
TEL 050-3579-5871

If using GPS to set up a route for access by car, you can register the phone number 0576-47-2221 (restaurant Mickey美津輝- located accros the street from us), because our office phone number may not be listed in the GPS system.

By train (JR Takayama line)
10 minutes drive from Hidahagiwara station
30 minutes drive from Gero station
1 hour drive from Takayama station

From the Hidahagiwara station, it costs about 3,500 yen by taxi. 10,000 yen from Gero.

Please consult Jordan Train Route Finder to calculate train connection. (Note: the airport near Nagoya is named as Centrair Japan Intl Airport on this web service)

Car rental
possible from the Gero station, with J-net Rent-a-car. Tel 0576-25-3005. English GPS in stock.

By highway
(Tokai-Hokuriku Highway) From Gujo-hachiman I.C., 1h30 via Seseragi route
(Tokai-Kanjo Highway) From Tomika-seki I.C., 1h30 via Prefectural Route 58.


access map in PDF